Saturday, April 16, 2011

two weeks down, one to go

So I'm sitting here, hiding from the shitty April weather--which just got shittier, as it started to snow on top of the freezing wind, low temps and gray skies--thinking about my girlfriend Briette. She's been gone for two weeks, working a temp gig as a wardrobe stitcher on Norwegian Cruise Line's Spirit. I know, not a bad gig, right?

Three weeks is the longest we've been apart since we met almost three years ago, and I'm not gonna lie--it's been a little tough. Obviously, even by mentioning it (or writing this blog post), I'm being a big whiny baby. I know this. I know that there are far worse problems in the world, and being separated from your loved one for a measly three weeks is not necessarily something worthy of complaint. I know it's a perfect time for me at the end of the semester to focus on getting all my final projects finished and wrap things up.

But still... I miss my baby. So I made this mix.


  1. You are just a sentimental lover! Nothing wrong with missing the person you care about.

  2. ooh you're a soppy one!